Float Loading: It's easy!
Difficulty in loading a horse is a very common problem but it can be solved easily and painlessly.

Grant Walske teaches horses to float calmly and easily without use of force or bribery.
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Float Loading - What we offer

I can teach your horse how to calmly walk into a float without being led in, to stand without the gate being closed until he is asked to back out again and to calmly back out one step at a time - all without the use of fear, force or bribery. And I can teach you how to ensure continuation of the behaviour.

If you have a horse who has never been floated or you have a horse that has a problem with floating, I can help your horse and I can help you help your horse.

How long does it take?

As with almost everything the answer lies within the horse and is dependent on what has gone before. With the first loading of a young horse, it rarely takes longer than a half an hour to have the horse walking calmly in and out. A horse with a history of bad floating can, of course, take longer.

As always, your participation is warmly invited.

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