Foal Handling: An important beginning
The earlier a foal is taught basic ground skills and to trust and respect humans the easier it is for all. Don't wait for weaning!

Grant Walske will handle and educate your foal in an especially soft and gentle manner with minimal stress to mare or foal
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Foal Handling – What we offer

Do yourself and your foal a favour. Don’t make a pet out of him. Nipping, kicking and rearing are natural actions for a foal but what looks cute now will be counterproductive and dangerous later. Allow Grant to softly and gently teach your foal the correct behaviour when among humans.

    When your foal is returned to you it will:
  • Lead softly.
  • Stand quietly to have its hooves trimmed.
  • Load and travel quietly in a float.
  • Tie up – this is taught only after the foal responds softly to poll pressure. When taught this way, they rarely do more than one or two half-hearted tests of the rope.
    How long does it take:
  • The time taken to achieve the above varies with each horse but generally a week to 10 days will see the youngster doing well in all of the above.
  • We can pick up and deliver your mare and foal.
  • Your participation is encouraged.

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