Good Horse Habits: Horsemanship for your horse.
Horses are so trainable because they are so lazy. A horse will take what he perceives to be the easiest road every time. Too often, humans allow the undesirable to be the 'easy road'.
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    Good Horse Habits include:
  • respect and trust your human
  • do what you are asked
  • when asked to do something, do it until asked to stop (includes gait and direction)
Simple, but how many horses fit the bill? Many do not because of poor education in the first place or because undesirable behavior has slipped in along the way.

    Problems on the ground
  • Is your horse inattentive or otherwise disrespectful of you?
  • Is your horse aggressive to you at feeding or other times?
  • Is your horse aggressive to other horses?
  • Does your horse always fidget?
  • Will your horse not stand while tied?
  • Is your horse difficult to shoe?
  • etc, etc
    Problems in the saddle
  • Does your horse not stand for mounting and want to move off immediately?
  • Does your horse want to charge off and has difficulty in stopping?
  • Does your horse buck or rear?
  • Does your horse lean on the bit?
  • etc, etc
Grant has had several years experience in solving problems such as these and is backed by many references. Grant can help your horse and help you to help your horse.

As always, your participation is warmly invited.

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