Good horseman habits: Horsemanship for people.
Our horses behave towards us as we have taught them to behave.

Grant Walske can help you develop good horseman habits and gain a better understanding of your horse.
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    Good horseman habits
  • respect your horse
  • be consistent
  • be persistent
  • be particular but not picky
  • look for the good bits
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Back to basics!
Horsemanship doesn't just begin when you get astride the horse. Ground work is not just making your horse go around in circles. On the ground is where your relationship with the horse begins. The better it is here, the better it will be elsewhere. Learn to develop feel and timing. Learn how to show the horse you can be trusted and that you do matter - learn how to develop a partnership. Learn how and why proper ground work relates to riding. Build a foundation upon which you can enhance your mounted relationship.

Get Mounted
Learn how to relate the ground skills to good riding habits and further enhance the relationship with your horse. Learn how feel and timing is all important in teaching your horse and allowing him to do his best.

Contact Grant to discuss your needs. Horsemanship instruction can be tailored to suit your needs or those of your small group.

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