Tips 'n Tricks - Some thoughts and ideas that may help.
Here are a few thoughts, suggestions and ideas that I hope will help you with your horsemanship.
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Tips 'n Tricks: The following pages contain articles that I have written to help you with your horsemanship. Remember, there is no "one true way" so if you can develop different cues or stimulii that work for you and your horse that is great! The only criteria is that your horse is a willing and understanding partner and you are getting what you want from the partnership.

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Horsemanship is largely feel, timing and an infinite amount of patience. No amount of reading can give these to you. You must work on these yourself. In these articles I have given you the ideas and cues that work for me. It is up to you to apply them with feel and timing.....and patience in a manner and at a rate your horse can accept. If you are unsure or don't feel confident about any of this, please do not proceed without competent help as your horse will sense your lack of confidence. Feel free to contact me for assistance.

Clinic Tips: Here are some hints and suggestions to help you get the most out of any clinic you may attend.

On Tying Your Horse: I wrote this article to assist those who may have a horse that pulls back when tied and for those who want to gently teach their young horse to stand quietly while tied.

On bridling and haltering your horse: If your horse tries to evade you when you attempt to halter or bridle him, you may be causing the problem. This article may help you.

Mounting your horse from a mounting block or other platform: If you have a tall horse or short legs or both, you will get some value out of teaching your horse to sidle up to whatever mounting platform is handy, be it a tree stump or the mudguard of your float.

Some safe and useful knots to use with horses: Here are a couple of knots with which you can safely tie your horse. Also see the proper way to do up your rope halter and an alternative to a metal clip on your lead rope.

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