Horse Starting: Off on the right foot
If a horse is rattled he is not thinking; if he isn't thinking he isn't learning.

Grant Walske works calmly and gently to bring out the best in your horse.
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Horse Starting - What we offer

When your horse is returned to you it will have the following skills:
  • good ground manners - Your horse will lead softly, it will stand where placed, will move forward, back and sideways on soft cues. He will tie up, stand quietly to be shod and will load and travel quietly in a float.
  • mounting and riding - Your horse will stand on a loose rein for saddling and mounting and will not move off until asked. He will have 3 solid gaits with good transitions, will travel with minimum contact in all gaits and stop softly. Your horse will move his fore and hind quarters separately on cue and will, in most cases, have a pretty fair sidepass - at least of gate-opening quality.
    I will not just ride your horse in a yard or arena. I will get him out and about as soon as it is safe to do so. Your horse will be used to traffic, dogs, alpacas, kangaroos, donkeys, water, bush tracks ...and things that go bump in the night.
When I consider your horse ready to go home, he will have in place a good foundation. It will be up to you to consolidate and build on this foundation to take him into any career you choose. To best facilitate this consolidation and development, I encourage your participation at no extra cost.

How long does it take: How long will all this take, I hear you ask. Of course the ultimate answer to that lay within the horse, but on average it takes approximately 4-5 weeks to achieve the above results. You don't pay a flat daily or weekly rate, you pay only for the time I am actually handling your horse plus a small daily agistment fee.

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